Thomas McGovern Jr


Introduction Biography

Two great passion: History and Theatre


These subjects have a similar pathway in that they both utilize the devotees creativity and imagination. Both can transport an individual to another time and era. 



My name is Thomas McGovern Jr and am a travel blogger and social media consultant. My engagements lie in colonial and pre-colonial history, the Civil War and Savannah GA. History is a subject that must be remembered or we face the prospect of repeating it.


Where Creativity meets imagination


These characteristics are valued and prized in today's world but are not studied as much as other topics. Dennis Cunningham, former CBS Theatre Critic once stated, “the more advance this world become the more people will crave live theatre.” Mr Cunningham realized theatre is an interactive medium. While we may not personally know the performers on stage they are human; not a representation on a screen. History is also more than the past. It is about our humanness. Theatre and history have parallel qualities. Curiosity, Passion and Sympathy. Three thing the world is much in need of. 


My request is that your organization (or individual) contact me, vial E-mail to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.