Steppenwolf Theatre (Chicago) Announces the Debut Album Of Sally Murphy

Ensemble Member to Release “Take Me To Heaven”


Chicago, Ill–September 30, 2019_ Sally Murphy and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company has announced Ms Murphy's debut album, “Take Me Too Heaven” will be released in time for her birthday, October 12.


Ms Sally Murphy sings like a member of the heavenly choir.” –Chicago Tribune


Sally Murphy has appeared on the Broadway stage numerous times during her career. Her New York stage debut, in 1990 was in the adaption of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. Murphy is a member of the famed Steppenwolf Theatre Company, located in Chicago.


She has also appeared in a number of films and television series.

The album will consists of classic rock, Broadway tunes (some familiar and some not) and old time classics. 


“This album, ‘Take Me Too Heaven’ is my dream which has been a long time coming”–Sally Murphy


The Steppenwolf Theatre Company requests you purchase Sally Murphy’s debut album. Please make Ms. Murphy’s daydreams come true. You can purchase the CD at local record stores, at our theatre or through iTunes. We thank you in advance


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The Museum of the American Revolution

A New Museum in Philadelphia, PA


Relive the years when 13 colonies waged a war for independence against the greatest military power on earth. Join gentlemen such as John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, etc. as they wage the American War for Independence.

The Witch House, located in Salem MA…


The structure at 310!/2 Essex Street is the oldest construction still in existence and the only linkage to the famed witch hysteria. The home purchased by Jonathan Corwin in the 1770s, is a reminder of how intolerance and religious persecution when left unchecked can and will be detrimental to a community.


While there is no recorded evidence that witches were ever tried in this house, the home is an important symbol of Puritan times. In effect, the small four room mansion narrates the story of a community on the brink. 


Stop by for a visit…


Relive the horror of a neighborhood on the verge of madness. Start your journey through Salem at the historic home of the 1862 witch hysteria. Perhaps you too will feel a little faint upon entering!

"If it was not for Sam [Adams] I do not think the war for Independence would have taken place."–John Adams

Contact Information: Boston Tea Party ship and museum

Ship and museum opened June, 2012


Phone Number: (866) 955-0667

Media Inquiry: (617) 531-0877

Mailing Address: 306 Congress Street (at Griffen Wharf), Boston

--First excursion commence at 10am: last tour is 5pm (tours departs every 15 minutes); Off-Season: tours run from 10am-4pm


The Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum tender pilgrimages of the ship–the Beaver. Guests are able to examine life as it was like in the late 18th century through exhibits, artifacts and the film –Let  It Begin Here.”  The rout into our Revolutionary yesteryear is lead by costumed guides.

The ship and museum, according to Yankee magazine is “the best new museum in New England.”


Mission Statement: 

We, at the Boston Tea Party ship&museum wish to tell the story of that night in December (16), 1773. The voyage begins in a Boston meeting house where you'll hear fiery orations from the leading patriots of the era.  On the ship, the Beaver our guides lead you into that night in 1773.. Then, enter the museum where you’ll witness the only known tea chest in existence dumped into Boston Harbor that night. Through out our journey the audience will hear from Samuel Adams, King George III and two women–one a supporter of the cause for independence and the other a loyalist. Finish the road to independence with the award-winning documentary Let It Begin Here. We hope your travels through this historic city will begin here also.


Awards and Honors

• ‘Best Historical Experience’ - Yankee ‘2017 Best of New 

England’ issue 

• 2016 10Best Readers’ Choice Award - 

‘#1 Best Patriotic Attraction’ - USA Today 

• 2014 Certificate of Excellence - TripAdvisor 

• ‘Best of the New 2012’ - Boston Globe Magazine 

• ‘Best New Museum’ - Yankee ‘2012 Best of New England issue   


Interesting Facts

Robinson Half Chest–the only known tea chest still in existence which was used that evening in December, 1773. 

The Story–Jonathan Robinson, a young apprentice discovered the tea chest off Dorchester Heights. His mother, aware that anyone entangled with such a possession could be considered for treason, discharged it to family members in New York. Subsequently passed down through generations the artifact now rests over the same harbor where, 440+ years ago it played an important part in our history.


Ghosts&Gravestones historic tours first premiered in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998. Founded because of public interests in the paranormal, Historic Tours of America created a pleasure itinerary based on ghostly happenings within Boston. 


Since the commencement of the Ghosts&Gravestones craze the company has annexed similar tours in Key West, Florida; San Diego, California; Savannah, Georgia and St. Augustine, Florida. The growth of the supernatural trademark has created the demand for such excursions. “People are hungry for this kind of stuff,–Chris Belland, CEO of Historic Tours of America.


Cities, where these sightseeing tours take place have seen an increase in their travel and tourism industry.



"The more technological the world becomes the more people will crave live theatre”–Dennis Cunningham, former CBS Theatre Critic


When the audience depart from the theatre, their lives may be altered for good. Significant shows, such as Les Miserable, Carousel, Wicked, etc. are some theatrical dramas when contemplated will make society an improved place.


Your favorite performer(s)–Live!

Rather than sitting in front of a screen, gawking at a representation of a human being you can encounter them in person. Even though the viewer may not personally be intimate with those on stage it is a connection which is much demanded. The desire for human interaction shall be wanted the more this world advance into technology; humans need other humans. This fact is non-argumentative. 


Leave the drama on stage, where it belongs…


In addition, the world is becoming too dramatize–this is the greatest, the worse, the most devastating episode that has ever happened. History has established that wicked and sinister things have always happened and to whisper this age is the worse is ego driven. For us who likes to remain in reality and not in a realm of fancies and dreams, leave the make believe where it belongs...


The stage. Unlike the other forms of entertainment the theatrical drama is unique to the world. It allows the spectator to interconnect with other mortal beings. It affords mankind with a avenue for creativity and imagination, something that is much craved in today's world. 


So, I am writing to your today to request a donation to [name of organization]. You financial support is greatly appreciated an will go far to encourage the value of the theatre. 

Thank you again and we’ll see you at the theatre.



Name of Director

Website of organization

E-mail of organization

From: The Jennie Wade House

Subject: At Gettysburg, PA the abhorrence of the Civil War comes to blazing reality!

Hello: As you have indicated a curiosity with the War between the states, we at the Jennie Wade House would like to personally invite you to this historic Gettysburg home. Take a journey through the house where the only non-military civilian was killed


My mane is Jack Skelly and I am… was a corporal in the Union Army of the United States. It was my betrothed that had been murdered during the battle of Gettysburg. Virginia ‘Jennie’ Wade, born on May 21, 1843 was tending to her sister at the time of her death. “If there is anyone in this house that is to be killed today, I hope it is me, as Georgia has a little baby.”–Jennie Wade, the morning of July 3,1863.


Now, you too can be an offer witness to that day in July when a bullet pierced the heart of this home and assassinated Ms Wade. 


3-days of Bloodshed

The fight at Gettysburg, PA has been designated the bloodiest three days in American history. Relive those horrific days as never before! When you call upon the Jennie Wade House you can give testimony, first hand to these terrible and horror-filled days.


Remembering the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the Union and Confederate Army as never before. The Unknown Civil War Series: Gettysburg is highly recommended for “novices and serious historians”; for anyone who wants to investigate deeper into this era of history. As you become more invested in what took place within this small town, you will embark of the realization the effect of this awful war carried on a nation. Secure inside knowledge of how young boys sacrificed it all when the price of blood was the only way to save a Union.


Purchase the series that give attention to a historic campaign in unreal and horror filled truth. You will obtain exclusive information about these three days in Gettysburg never before whispered. Please click the link, The Unknown Civil War to purchase the video.

Yours Truly,

Jack Skelly

Corporal in the Union Army of the United Army


P.S. Please do not let our deaths go unremembered. Visit a Civil War battleground today!

P.S.S. …and let us never cease to remember these young soldiers who offered their lives for your freedom were merely boys and could not be rightfully called men. Let us recollect they to  had hopes, dreams, goals, etc. but their love of freedom more powerful than their concern of self.

"This man's life-work was so inconspicuous, that his name would wholly be forgotten but for one thing–he signed the Declaration of Independence. Yet his life was the most useful and worthy one. It was a good and profitable voyage, though it left no phosphorus splendor in its wake. In short, Francis Lighthorse Lee was a gentlemen–a word which meant a great deal in his day though it mean nothing in ours." Mark Twain

John Adams– regarded as a thinker and writer he would gravitate towards acting alone rather than seek advice from others. Also remembered as the ‘Atlas of Independence’ by his colleagues, Adams was thought to be the most educated member within the Continental Congress.


Adams cemented his reputation while advocating the case of the British regulars held accountable for the Boston Massacre. What happened that night of March 5, 1770 has been recalled as the evening that elevated John Adams to a household name in Boston. He is brought to mind as an advisory constituent, who aided in formulating the Declaration of Independence. 


Born on October 19, 1735 in Braintree MA; he attended Harvard College, graduating in 1755. Adams wed Abigail Smith and they had 4 offsprings–including John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States. The elder Adams became the 2nd President in 1797. Although Adams’ presidency was underscored with trouble and controversies he left it with permanent peace with France and the establishment of the Navy of the United States. For more information on the life and career of John Adams, click here.


Benjamin Franklin–assisted in negotiating the Treaty of Amity and Commerce; conferring on the French nation ‘most favored nation’ status and outlining trading rights between America and France. Throughout this period of the American War of Independence, Franklin also had engineered himself as one of the 13 colonies foremost participants. A designated member of the committee of five he gave assistance with the document proclaiming to the world why the 13 colonies were in a state of rebellion.


Born in Boston on January 17, 1706 Franklin transitioned to the forefront of society, becoming Minister to England where he endeavored to broker peace with Great Britain prior to the start of the war. When the venture came to come face to face with England’s council to King George III, Franklin and his fellow counterparts left disillusioned; with Franklin growing heartbroken with Parliament's treatment of him.


Franklin who affixed his signature to both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United State passed from this earth on April 19, 1790. It is whispered, if not for Franklin mediating  with the French monarchy, America would never have had a chance against the greatest Empire on earth at the time. For more information of Benjamin Franklin, click here.


Thomas Jefferson–requested to be remembered for only three fundamental works; (1) author of the Declaration of Independence (2) penning the Virginia’s right of religious freedom and (3) founder of the University of Virginia. Inexplicably missing from his epithet is that he came to be the 3rd President of the United States in 1801.


Jefferson had an illustrious career with only his tenure as governor of Virginia less prosperous. As the youngest constituent of the Continental Congress he had a skillful aptitude with the written word and thus chosen to be the primary author of the Declaration. Eventually rendering his service as Ambassador to France, Secretary of State, Vice President, President and Governor of Virginia he devoted years representing the people. ”Jefferson Lives!” were the finale ramblings whispered by John Adams upon his departure from this world. The 2nd President did not realize that his friend and co-patriot had passed scarcely hours earlier. For more information on the silent tombstone, Thomas Jefferson click here.


Robert Livingston–gave financial backing for Robert Fulton's steam engine, the Clermont. The steamer proceeded from Livingston's home in New York City on August 17, 1797; the voyage took under 32 hours to traverse the wave to its place of debarkation: Albany.


Livingston, born on November 27, 1746 into a prominent New York ancestral line, would play a significant part within “the early national period.” Performing his duties within the Second Continental Congress and named to the committee of five to draft the Declaration of Independence, he evolved into one of the more influential elements in Congress. Livingston engaged himself in the financial, transportation political and the fine arts sectors throughout his lifetime. The first Secretary of Foreign Affairs death arrived on February 26, 1813. For more information on Robert R Livingston (New York delegate) click here.


Roger Sherman–“was a self made man and astute politician with a reputation for integrity. He played one of the most significant yet understated roles in the formation of the American republic.” –Ron Briley


Sherman, the only gentleman whose signature is located on all four founding documents–the 1st Continental Congress’ Declaration&Resolves of 1774, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. The third of seven children, born in 1721 he was to become recognized as a moderate throughout the war for independence. Condemning the mob violence sweeping into the colonies he also gave backing to the objection of no taxation without representation. While a constituent to the second Continental Congress, Sherman is selected to the five member committee to draft a Declaration of Independence. At the Constitutional Convention he fiercely maintained the fairness of the smaller state to be heard within the national conversation. Sherman dutifully rendered his service under the the Constitution as a representative and then a senator in 1791. Succeeding William Samuel Johnson he served there until his rest in 1793. For more information on this beloved patriot, click here.


*Information derived from ‘The Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War’, Gregory Fremont-Barnes and Richard A. Ryerson

Get terrified with Witches, Murderers and the Cursed of America’s Witch City 


Wicked Salem: Exploring Lingering Lore&Legends will investigate the troubled city’s most infamous side. It will carry you through a passage so terrorizing that you will long to travel to the hexed city on your subsequent sightseeing excursion.


“I curse you and Salem.”–Giles Corey

Passing from this earth on September 19, 1692 did Corey place a hex upon this community? Was it by accident that every Sheriff who ministered to Salem developed heart trouble? Why did Salem’s favorite son affix a “W” to his name. These and other consideration will be explored with your purchase of Wicked Salem: Exploring Lingering Lore&Legends.


Hello; I’m Sam Baltrusis, author and I have penned a book of non-fiction to develop a further intimacy with this beautiful (and yes, haunted) community of Salem. So, please order your copy of my publication– Wicked Salem: Exploring Lingering Lore&Legends TODAY! And…accept my personal summons to call upon the city of witches next time you are in the area.


Sam Baltrusis, author

Massachusetts Travel&Tourism

“… a King by annulling or disallowing acts of so salutary a nature, from being a Father of his people degenerated into a Tyrant, and forfeits all rights to his subjects’ obedience.”


With this argument Patrick Henry propelled himself to a principle player in the cause of American Independence. Patrick, like numerous founding fathers grappled with his pursuit of a career. Finally gravitating to the law, he ultimately secured a reputation as a “passionate and persuasive” speaker.


Many of his companions compared his orations to that of evangelical preachers during the Great Awaking sweeping the colonies during the 1730&40’s. Most highly remembered for his oratory tongue lashing against the Stamp Act of of 1765 whereby he offered a warning to  King George that he  “risks the same fate as Julius Caesar…” This masterful address, better known throughout history by its final line (Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death) was the cry to action the state of Virginia required to finally prepare themselves for war against Great Britain.


Patrick purchases Red Hill Plantation in 1794 and lived there until his passing in 1799. The Patrick Henry National Monument, was to be created by a congressional act in 1935 pending the authorization of the Secretary of the Interior. On December 12, 1944  the legislation fell through. (Wonder why?) Ultimately Red Hill Plantation found a home with the Patrick Henry Foundation.


The residence and grounds advance an extraordinary view of the Staunton River Valley. It provides its guests several walking trails, an African-American Cemetery and the final home of Mr. Henry and his descendants. Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial is situated at 1250 Red Hill Road, Brookneal VA. 

After the war, Henry evolved into a staunch Anti-Federalist. Not able to support the newly framed Constitution, fearing it furnished the new government to much control he greatly embraced what has became known as the Bill of Rights. Also penning many of the Anti-Federalist Papers he sketched out many of his peer’s concerns that without such an attachment protecting the country’s citizenship, “individual liberties”  the government could “evolve into a monarchy.”


*(For further information of Patrick Henry's life and public service, go to

“i am innocent of a witch!”

Bridget Bishop articulates these solemn words to John Hathorn, chief magistrate of the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Blamed of witchcraft Bishop became the first hanged (June 10, 1692) during Salem’s witch hysteria. Recalled as a case of religious persecution and intolerance, this chapter in history must be remembered!


Calling upon the town where this terror derived will give visitors chills. Salem, MA had been a influential sea port for trade and commerce from its earliest days. Meaning ‘Peace,’ Salem became a representation of anything but. Best remembered these days as the witch city, guests can relive the tale which left 156 accused (including two dogs), 19 hanged and one pressed to death.


As you take a journey through Salem’s–‘the Burying Point’ you can give witness to the final resting place of John Hathorn. Better known as the 'hanging judge' he oversaw the inquisition. The inscription written upon his tomb reads: Here Lyes Interd: Ye Body of Colo John Hathorn, Esqr; Aged 76 years who died May Ye 10th 1727. 


We do not know where many of the sacrificial lambs of the 1692 witch hysteria are interred due to most of their remain were abandoned into unmarked graves. Two exception are Rebecca Nurse and George Jacobs, who are now resting at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead. Isn’t it mocking that Hathorn has a final place of rest while the victims he and the courts convicted don’t?


Bridget Bishop came in front of the court on June 2, 1692 whereby the tormented accusers at once “fell into fits. Elizabeth Hubbard, Ann Putnam, Abigail William and Mercy Lewis testified Bishop’s shadow had injured them and requested them to sign the devil’s book. Bishop steadfastly protested her innocence trumpeting she’s as “innocent as an unborn child.” Bishop, thought to be by most to be an independent woman for her time had been incriminated for practicing black magic in 1680 by her then husband Thomas Oliver. 


You can give testimony at the inquest of Bridget Bishop at Cry Innocent: The People vs Bridget Bishop. You can also take a pilgrimage through Salem, 1692 and be an eyewitness to a community on the edge!

[Visual: Image of the Bed&Breakfast exterior]


Voice over: Acquitted on June 20, 1893 after a “mere 35 minutes” Elizabeth Andrew Borden arrives home to 92 Second Avenue. Termed the trial of the century, the twelve male jury asserted that a women of her position could never have committed such a act.


[Visual; video representation of Lizzie Borden at her trial]


Born July 19, 1860 Elizabeth Borden grew-up in an exacting household; there even had been some whispering of incest. With the passing of their mother, their father quickly remarried so as to provide a stable family life for his two offsprings. But, the daughters existence was anything but conventional!


[Visual: video slices to the rooms of the house located at 92 Second Avenue]


On the evening of August 4, 1892 someone arrived at the Borden’s home and with an ax killed Andrew Borden.  They then journeyed upstairs and murdered his wife, Abby Borden.


Evidence soon mounted against the Borden’s daughter, Lizzie. With a court date in place, the suspect pleaded Not Guilty although the multitude of the evidence went against her.


[Visual: image of the famous ax that was supposedly employed in the felony]


With such evidence as the ax, seen in the above mage... the clothing Lizzie supposedly wore at the time of the murders and the effort to obtain prussic acid. With all this establish circumstances, the jury untroubled brought back a Not Guilty judgement! 


[Visual: photo of Lizzie’s new home, Maplecroft ]


After the verdict Lizzie and, with her elder sister moved to a new house and attempted to leave their terrible drama behind them. They made friends within the social community of Fall River where thanks to the trial they became well received. Lizzie befriended the actress, Nance O’Neil which Lizzie’s sister, Emma did not approve. The cause for her disapproval has never been fully accounted for but it made Emma take her leave of Maplecroft. Lizzie and Emma passed into the next world only days apart. They now rest in Oak Grove Cemetery next to their parents, Abby and Andrew Borden.


[Visual: video of owners of the Lizzie Borden B&B]


Greetings! We hope you took pleasure in this brief prelude of our bed and breakfast.  Guest are invited to spend an evening with us… if you dare! Deemed “the creepiest hotel in North America” you too can relive that immortal day. Everything is the as it was–from the breakfast served to the gossip enveloping the trail of the century.

So, why don’t you make your pre-arrangements today? We hope to see you soon!

An 1830 murder in Salem, MA found its way into the literature of Nathaniel Hawthorn and Edgar Allan Poe. The execution of Capt. Joseph White seized the consciousness of all New England. After all, the narrative had greed, retribution and suicide!


At the eleventh hour on the night of April 6, 1830 Richard Crowninshield  broke into Capt. White’s bed chamber in order to kill the merchant. Four days earlier, Richard and Joe Knapp assembled with two brother of a well to do Salem household to talk over the execution. Before  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could try the Mr. Crowninshield, the jailer at the Salem Gaol found Richard had hung himself. Without a primary suspect the the state had to come upon another individual of interest. Daniel Webster'd concluding summation at the 2nd trial (an earlier one ended with a hung jury) was looked upon as one of the greatest closing arguments in history. The jury eventually sent forth Frank Knapp to the gallows after only five hours of deliberations.


“The town now begins to grow rather more quiet than it has been since the murder of Mr. White, but I suppose the excitement will revive at the execution of Frank Knapp.”–Nathaniel Hawthorne


These days, the tale of the murder is not talked about due to the evidence of Capt. White’s association with the slave trade. White, owned and supplied ships that brought Africans to Boston; a city which had outlawed the possessing of slaves in 1783. But the story lives in literature…


Hawthorne applied the account in his work of fiction, including The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables. Poe incorporated the story line of Capt. Joseph White in his The Tell-Tale-Heart.


Aftermath: In front of a assemblage on September 28, 1830 the hanging of Frank Knapp took place. A month later Knapp’s brother, Joseph encountered a the same fate. George Crowninshield, Richard’s relative walked free after being acquitted by a fatigued court.

*Adapted from interview with Eric Jay Dolin (author of Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates).


The buccaneers of New England gained fashion throughout the golden age of 1600 and 1700. Newport, RI and Boston, Ma were two consequential havens for these swashbucklers. These towns presented a much demanded support system, including repairs to the pirate vessel through re-provisioning of the ship’s supplies.


–Two fo the most engrossing tales of New England piracy were the stories of Philip Ashton. A Marblehead, MA resident, he was taken prisoner in 1722 by Edward Law–a dangerous and mentally deranged pirate. Eventually able to escape, Ashton spent nearly two year, alone on Roatan Island in the Bay of Honduras. (To learn more about this adventure, read Gregory N Flemming’’s At The Point Of A Cutless: The pirate capture, bold escape and lonely exile of Philip Ashton


The tale of the Whydah is a story of piracy, shipwrecks and lost treasure. Sam Bellamy and Paulgave Williams  had captured the Spanish galleon in early 1717. The ship suddenly met a Nor’easter while heading north with their bounty. The storm sank the vessel killing 161 men and abandoning its treasure ‘1000-1500 feet of the coast of Wellfleet. With its bell, known as the ‘Whydah Gally,”  salvaged treasure hunters before long began their scrutiny for the lost riches. *Estimation of the found bounty has been valued at approximately $200.000 while the high's has been appraised at $400+ million. 


During the War of Spanish Succession pirates commenced attacking English ship departing for American waters. Not welcomed in New England any more because of this the pirates headed to warmer regions, such as the Bahamas.

So, “the British Ministry can read that name without spectacles.”


John Hancock whispered this expression as he placed his designation upon the Declaration of Independence and the sphere of history. As everyone knows, in 1776 56 signers "pledged their lives, fortune and sacred honor"  to each other in the struggle for our freedom.


Hancock's birth on January 12, 1737 in Braintree, MA; the youngest son of Elizabeth Wendell and Edmond Quincey. After Hancock’s parents death, John advanced through Harvard University. Upon fulfillment in 1754 he  garnished employment with his uncle’s countinghouse. When Thomas Hancock left this earth in 1763 he bequeathed his nephew an extensive inheritance, effecting him the wealthiest  gentleman in New England at the time.


Voted into the Massachusetts House of Represent in 1766 he encounter men like James Otis, Thomas Cushing, Samuel Adams, etc. Quickly becoming compatriots with Adam, they developed a friendship that would endure through out their lives. 


What grew into the Liberty riot and with the stationing of English troop in Boston, elicited what has become acknowledged at The Boston Massacre. On the evening of March 5, 1770 a collection of British soldiers and Boston residents went at it. With the fight over, five American colonist were dead. Designated to a committee to address the situation, Boston demanded the removal of the troops headquartered in the city. Great Britain’s government yielded to the colony's demands but as Massachusetts became more rebellious, British troops re-occupied Boston once again.


By the time of the battle of Lexington&Concord, Hancock (as well as Samuel Adams) were wanted men. Residing at the home of his aunt, Lydia Hancock, the two men escaped captured when the famous midnight ride of April 18, 1775 took place.  


Elected to the Second Continental Congress in 1774, Hancock became its president when Edmond Randolph resigned due to health issues. Eventually contributing to the Massachusetts constitution, selected as first governor of the state in 1780. He dutifully served in that position until his passing on October 9, 1793.


Hancock has been described by his fellow patriots as a “populist” who was greatly admired…

**Post adapted from entry on John Hancock (P. 570-572) from The Encyclopedia of the American Revolution Vol 2–

Savannah, GA asserts it is the most haunted metropolis in North America. While that decree may be debated within other regions. Savannah is old enough to at least be considered. When you call upon this city be advised that its inhabitants do not speak of its ghostly past until after nightfall!


Now is the moment to secure your reservation with the #1 ghost tour in the country. Ghosts&Gravestones will usher you on a journey through the underbelly of cities across the nation. Savannah’s Trolley of the Doomed will escort you to its most notorious haunts. Join us…if your dare!


With our initial ghostly engagement we will investigate the Andrew Low House. From inhabitant of the Low family to Robert E. Lee, the home has been whispered to house a number of faces from its past. The most enchanting myths happened when Andrew's second wife passed from this realm. The household butler at the time has cooperated this narrative when he affirmed, “ the spirit of Andrew had been seen walking up the parlor stairs to the room where Ms. Low just passed.” (The Andrew Low House is located at 329 Abercorn Street and is open to the public for tours.)

The Pirate House Restaurant believed to have been built in 1794 has also been gossiped to be the dwelling resident of many ghostly affairs. It also houses an underground tunnel maintain by some to have been used to abducted gentlemen for their service aboard pirate ships. (Treasure Island’s Captain Flint, a fictional character has been rumored to haunt the Restaurant.) The fact of the matter is the Pirate House probably did not see a majority of the tales told. So what are the truths behind this famous Savannah eatery?


Let us first explore the terms: piracy vs privateering. While these livelihoods are by delineation alike; Privateering was legal and piracy was not. In clear-cut terms, pirates were privateers who drifted into the former because they found their ‘letters of Marquee’ were not valued any longer.

Letters of Marquee were put forth by a nation’s government to harass enemy shipping. After the privateers service were no longer demanded many found themselves without any means of support; thus, entering the arena of the pirates…


The Pirate House tunnels are whispered to be where men were shanghaied into the employment of these swashbucklers. When a former waitress at the restaurant ventured down into this tunnel one evening, she sensed a feeling of dizziness and felt sick. Afterwords she thought to most likely to have grappled with the experience of those who had been conscripted.

(The Pirate House Restaurant is located in the Old Fort District of the Historic District at 20 East Broad Street).


Our succeeding call will be to the William–Mercer House. The home became well know because of its pivotal characterization in the epic story, 'Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil'.  The drama revolves around the historical preservationist, Jim Williams. Williams became the only citizen to be tried, for the same offence four times. After three hung juries he was acquitted of assassinating his lover, Danny Hanson. 


Built during the 1860's by New York designer, John Norris for General Hugh W. Mercer. He nor any member of his linage actually resided there. In 1969 Jim William purchased the estate and a two year renovation followed. [The home is now accessible to the public for guided tours.]


–Interesting side note: General Mercer was tried for murdering two Confederate deserters. He was eventually acquitted of the crime. 

(...To be continued)

Savannah social media.jpg

Come along with Salem’s sorceress Leanne Marrama as she escorts you through your Salem’s Witchcraft!


Witchcraft customarily imparts a spell sent forth by a young vixen or an old hag. They are imagined to be dark in nature and pursued for manipulative reasons.  From a spiritual standpoint though an incantation  is “communicating with [a] deity.” A bewitchment  can derive many configurations and may be modified to correspond to the individual who cast them.


Envision being alive in a time where neighbors were against neighbors; families opposed families and innocent children were constrained to  prison cells.  Salem, MA is calls-up such an time. During 1692 five youthful adolescents generated characteristic equated to witchcraft. The principal accusations were against Tituba, a black slave from Barbados. Her transgression: foretelling the future and when asked, named two additional women within the community. When it was over, history had documented 19 hanged, one pressed to death (including two dogs). Countless men, women and children were affected by this unrighteous offense associated with evil.


––What is magic?

The skill of a witch is one associated with magic. But do they exercise what some call ‘Black Magic” and do they esteem the devil? Witches hold to the dogma of the power of three (White magic). This rule conditions that whatever you set free into the universe will come back to you three times more forceful.


Salem, MA is closely linked with witchcraft because of this delirium which took place in 1692. Tourism is an enormous source of revenue in the region due to people desiring to penetrate what happened. They also look forward to encountering a genuine witch that might shed enlightenment on their investigation.


Introducing Leanne Marrama, a practicing enchantress who purports to “see into the hearts of men.” A sorceress of an exalted coven who came upon her mission at a young age, Marrama employs tarot card and a crystal ball to give voice of those who have crossed over.


A constant attendant at the Annual Psychic Fair and the Witchcraft Expo, Marrama will offer you a reading if you phone her. ($8.99/minute; first time caller gets first three minutes free.) Empower an authentic Salem witch to escort you to your future!


Call Now to arrange your impending outlook with Leanne Marrama. She, a true and honest witch who resides in Salem, MA–the city with a historic past in witchcraft. 


P.S. When you call upon our city you will increase insight into what happened in 1692. You can also pay a social call with a authenticated enchantress who will give you psychic reading to ascertain your future. Whether its financial, health or romance discover what is store for you!

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Introducing Bryn Dowling, a triple threat who is always looking for new opportunities.


“The most challenging aspect is in the realization of it all, that this is a business which sometimes mean you have to make difficult decisions.”


As a youth Ms Dowling’s mother realized her daughter was something special. Acquiring an agent at three, gaining a reputation in many commercial and singing by age nine, it seemed to all issued naturally to her. Stemming from a lineage which comprise two sisters, who have also starred on Broadway. Dowling wedded her husband, who furthermore is a famed performer; as well as her sister-in-law.


Appearing in many Broadway productions herself!!!


Dowling made her Broadway debut in the production of “Fosse.” She credits Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking for educating her in the theatrical style. The following show in which she accepted acclaimed reviews was Mel Brooks “The Producers.” Dowling continued her Broadway career in several succeeding shows before she founded Like A Bandit, a fashion shopping network that permits shoppers find the first-rate prices anywhere.


“Friends and family beg me to shop for them all the time!”


If you like to hunt for bargains while shopping like Bryn does then click the link here and embark on your travels to unlimited savings. Thank you. 


Fashion is adjacent to Bryn’s heart as much as the Broadway theatre is. She started the company, Like A Bandit following years within the theatrical community. Dowling, now has pursued her two greatest passions and wishes everyone to know how thankful and bless she feels having had the opportunity to do so.


P.S: If you visit my website I will forward a verified autograph picture to you. You will select from a number of prints from my theatrical day!–Bryn Dowling

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Arriving at the cottage of the famed novelist you might be received by her but not know it. For to elude the publicity brought upon her, the scribe would often mask herself as a servant and send the callers from her home.


Imagine discovering Louisa May Alcott’s Boston. Born on November 29, 1832 in Germantown PA she lived only to age 56. Passing away in Boston on March 6, 1888 the Alcott family had moved to Concord MA in 1804. Born to Abigail and Bronson Alcott the family lived in continuous poverty. Louisa has frequently articulated living with her male parent “was like a man up in a balloon; he was safe as long as three women held the ropes on the ground.” 


Boston By Foot, a non-profit organization providing historical sightseeing excursion noteworthy to tourists, this September (2019) will be extending a journey into the world of Louisa May Alcott’s Boston. The Orchard House is now open to the public and is listed with the National Historic Landmarks. Guests will hear whispering of the Alcott’s family and Louisa’s travels from impoverishment to fame. They will come to know her, the time she spent as a civil war nurse and the efforts to usher women suffrage to fruition. Hear how she became engrossed with the Gothic pulp fiction movement using the name of A.M. Barnard.


Visit with her many famous friends along the way, including Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorn, etc. (Wager she would have loved to have been a member of the Saturday Club, established in 1855 which exclusively men could belong.) Best known for her work, Little Women she would advance to become the heroine of juvenile fiction.

[Visual: Outside exterior of the Pirate House restaurant, Savannah GA]


It has been rumored that Captain Flint, a fictional character in Robert Louis Stevensons novel Treasure Island passed into eternity in an upper room within the establishment at 20 East Broad Street.


[Visual:  Captain Flint appears ]


“Darby, bring aft the rum “

It is also whispered, Stevenson author part the of famed novel at the Pirate House, Savannah. The only thing incorrect with this scenario is Captain Flint is a fabrication of the mind and there no confirmation Stevenson had ever been to the city.


[Visual: the pirate tunnel within the restaurant]


What we do know about this house is, it was constructed in 1753 or 1794. These underground passageway, which is shown here were employed to seize unsuspecting persons for employment aboard pirate ships. 


[Visual: video of Blackbeard’s Queen Ann’s Revenge]


When you call upon Savannah, GA you will probe the city’s rich history as you break bread with the likes of Blackbeard, Sam Bellamy and others. Who knows, you too may make the acquaintance of a ghostly swashbuckler from a bygone era?


[Visual: image of Savannah’s Trolley of the Doomed]


At Ghosts and Gravestones take an excursion with us as we travel the dark side of Savannah. Ascend aboard our famous Trolley of the Doomed and commence your path to the underbelly of this most haunted city! See you soon…

Band of Brothers Tours

From: Peter Gaal, Founder&CEO of Band of Brothers Tours


Subject: American Revolution


Headline: During 9 days witness the war for Independence as never before!


Dear (?)


We at Band of Brothers tours comprehends your affection for history! We realize how you take pleasure living and imagining what the human condition was like in a different age. Wisdom from the yesteryear can educate us about our present so we might be skilled to alter the times ahead.


On October 7, 2020 embark with the original band of brothers as we will be tendering the American Revolution tour. Come forth with use as we take a trip to the places and give testimony to the personalities that shaped those “…happy few, we band of Brothers.”


“I do not think if not for Sam (Adams) the American war for Independence would have taken place.”–John Adams

Commencing our journey at Lexington and Concord, where the initial  firestorm of the revolution took place. You will be told tales of how a collection of rag-tag militia face down the British empire. (Within the annals of history we still are not cognizant of who fired first.) Travel with us to the seat of liberty–Boston, MA. As we perambulate the Freedom Trail you will crossed paths with men like Sam Adams, John Hancock, James Otis and Paul Revere.


Who was Jane McCrea and how did her death aid the cause for Independence?

Before we arrive in New York City, this sightseeing groups lands in Albany, NY. There we will call upon the Saratoga National Historic Park, where it is recorded the English had, in effect lost the war. As we attend the 1777 contest you will hear of the exploits of English General John Burgoyne and Colonial General  Phillip Schuyler, Two military personnel  who's conduct played a preeminent role within the war for Independence. 


As the tour proceeds southward, the ensuing stop will be a fortification on the banks of the Hudson River. West Point evolved into as the territory which was nearly purchased by the British when Major John Andre suggested Benedict Arnold sell the land. Learn how General Washington stopped this! You’ll give witness to why West Point had been thought a major military installation for the colonies throughout this time that tried men’s souls. 

(The betrayal of Arnold has been whispered the hardest blow that George Washington had embraced during his lifetime.)


In New York City itself, we pay a visit to Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street where Washington appropriates the first ever Presidential oath. Following we stop at St. Paul’s chapel to discern how this tiny church became the throne of worship for many in the early years of the republic. Finally, we wander to where Washington set forth his Farewell Address to his army, The Fraunces Tavern. You’ll listen to how the General gave each man a personal good-by before of returning home to his beloved Virginia.


Our next place of debarkation will be Philadelphia, the seat of Independence. At Independence National Historic Site witness the city which has a important place in this country’s soul. Discover Independence Hall, The Museum of the American Revolution, Carpenter Hall, etc. as you give witness to the principles of government and understand how some difficult discussion had to be made. 


While in the region, we will also visit two significant battlefields which were instrumental in the colonial win.


If this excursion interests to you, please call upon us at Band of Brother’s Tour to prepare for your trip to the 18th century. We also tender many voyages into history. Request our brochure at or call toll-free 1-888 (355-1996). We can’t wait to escort you  to that bygone age where history is made! 


Peter Gaal

Founder&CEO (Band of Brothers Tours)


P.S. “We happy few; we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.” Join together on an excursion commemorating the founding brothers when a rag-tag militia whispered and heralded to the world–"all men are created equal!"

Boat on Cape Cod waters.jpg

Boat on Cape Cod waters

The Witch House, Salem MA



Mailing Adress: 3101/2 Essex Street, Salem MA 01970

Phone Number: (978) 744–8815

Fax Number: (978) 741–0578



The Witch House affords visitors a chance to eyewitness the 17th century first hand. It escorts the caller through the architectural, business and social aspects of Salem during this time. Sightseers are told of this as perceived from the perspective of the Corwin family. The Corwin House tells the narrative of everyday life, how earlier colonists survived the brutal winters of New England, etc. Contemplate how the 1692 witch hysteria came about and how it ultimately ended!


The Witch House is the enduring link of Salem, silently giving thought to  this period in time. In the Corwin family until the 1880’s  the house has since evolved into a leading tourist attraction. Open to the public in 1948 after consequential restoration work within the Salem community. 


The Witch House’s mission statement reads:

“It is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the social history and material culture of the seventeenth century, as well as providing information about the Salem Witchcraft trials and their connection to the house’s long time owner Judge Jonathan Corwin.


The house’s hour of operations are 10am–5pm; March 15 through November 30 (daily) *Please call for winter hours.* Admissions are available from the gift  shop and are as follows: Adult ($8.25); Seniors ($6.25); Children, 6-14 ($4.25) *Children under six (Free)


Additional information: The Witch House tenders group tours, personal&private events as well as school programs. The museum is operated by a group of dedicated volunteer under the direction of the Director.

The Witch House affords visitors the chance to witness 17th century New England.


Through the eyes of 17th century New England, the Witch House provide exploration of the region’s architectural, business and societal characteristics. Callers are able to contemplate the source of the 1692 witch hysteria and its aftermath.


Client's Background:

Erectted prior to 1674, the Witch House continues to be a testament to the enduring essence of an early colonial community. In 1944 confronted with the need that Salem required its streets be broaden , the town taxpayers submitted a recommendation to move the house. Established over 300 years ago it is the oldest house in Salem and thus is an important historical landmark. Salem’s residents contracted to relocate the house where Jonathan Corwin lived 35 feet to the west of the original site.


Historic Salem, Inc named architect Gordon Robb to oversee the restoration and the move.

Meeting for the first time Historic Salem, Inc approved  to “raise funds needed to relocate and restore” the Salem beacon. Acquiring the famed Bowditch House and its lands at the same time, the two famed homes were to be available the general populace as museums. Note: Deferred for a time to the Bowditch House did not completely revert to its 17th century glory until 2003. 


Historic Salem, Inc. has since evolved into a significant and effective agency within the region’s community. It has assisted the city for six decades and has aided in preserving many historical structures over those years. Historical Salem, Inc's. mission statement reads: “to ensure that the historic resources of Salem, Massachusetts which are the key to its identity, its quality of life and its economic, vitality are preserved for future generations and the new development complements the historic character of the city.”


In 1948 the Witch House of Salem finally opened its door. Salem’s inhabitants raised $42,000 to rescue the home of Jonathan Corwin, chief council for the Court of Oyer and Terminer. By touring the house, callers are to able theorize on artifacts from this time and are able to get a more transparent perspective of what befell this tiny community in 1692.


Jonathan Corwin

Experience: Principal Magistrate for the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Commissioned to direct the integration of witchcraft in Salem, MA he would in the end send forth 19 people to their execution and confine hundreds to the Salem gaol (including a four-year old).


Experience: One of the most affluent gentlemen in Salem at the time. Corwin “owned wharves, ships, farmland” and became a prominent trader in the selling of cod-fish and the salting industry. A civil councilor who rendered decision in civil and minor disputes before being charged with the witchcraft cases. Corwin evolved into one of the foremost influencers within the town’s community.


Education: Not many details are known of Corwin’s schooling. Being educated in the family business he ascertained mistrust of foreign influences, such as Quakers, Catholics, Indianians, etc. In the Puritans kingdom strength came from scriptures and molded by theocratic leaders.

There were sincere terror of Indian attack and anguish of the supernatural, namely witches. Within this environment the hysteria of 1692 struck.


Quote from Susanna Martin (Witchcraft victim hanged on July 19, 1692): A false tongue will never make a guilty person.”


Home Town: The Corwin family emigrated from Workington, Cumbria (a.k.a.Cumberland) near the Scottish Border in Northwest England. The Curwen family, who are well known in the county of Cumbria has occupied the seat of Workington Hall since the early 13th century. Once a great manor house, the hall was left to fall into the state of disrepair…” 


Once in North America the generational connection to Jonathan Corwin saw him born in 1640. His father, George administered the family trade which he past onto his 3rd born son. 


Jonathan purchased the property on which the Davenport mansion sat in 1675. 

Family:  Elizabeth Sheaf(e) Gibbs, born in Hartford, Conn and daughter of then wealthy merchant, Jacob Sheaf(e). Her first espousal to Col. Robert Gibbs brought about 2, perhaps 3 offsprings. When Gibbs passed in 1674 she made the acquaintance of a handsome 35 year old and wedded him in 1676. They had three children; the last also played a prominent part in that year’s witch hysteria, along with his old man!

The Witch Dungeon Museum wishes to generate a public relation plan that will aid this establishment to give voice to the tale of the witch hysteria of 1692. Our aim is to showcase the beam from the original prison, seated at then 5 Federal Street.


Essential benefits of the museum shall breathe life into the narrative of 1692. Through indisputable documentation from the principal of personalities from this community on the brink of tragedy, the listeners give audience to to the silent whispers of what existence must have been like in the late 17th century.


The Witch Dungeon Museum tenders an authentic artifact from those irksome times: a plank of timber from the original gaol and a live performance of the event of 1692 which are extracted for the actual testimonies of this dark time. 


The museum’s target attendants are visitors engrossed with 17th century history (and history in general). Its audience understands that by inquiring about history we might escape the mis-judgement of the past. The principal competitor is the Salem Witch Museum, which is the #1 tourist pull within the community. 


There are numerous venues in which the Witch Dungeon Museum can be quoted, from general history to associations trafficking in museum studies. The Director of the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum is to be the spoke person and can be contacted through the museum itself. 


The New England Museum Association and the American Alliance of Museums should be allied with, if not already. I would advise the museum launch their own website as well as put forward quotes to differing media markets. The museum could engross a coffee table book dealing with the witch hysteria and the history of the Witch Dungeon. 


–Quotations and testimonials of sightseers who have visited the Witch Dungeon Museum could be exploited.

The estimated cost for these strategies is to be determined. 

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