Come, board the Trolley of the Doomed…if your dare!!!

Picture walking upon the soil where mass corps' of the dead are. Envision being in a city where the spirits of the human race continue to walk among the living. This is Savannah, GA. Call upon haunted cemeteries,  hotels and other ghostly haunts. There are mysterious tunnels throughout the city as well as secret burial grounds where the dead theoretically rest in peace!


Why Savannah is considered North America’s most haunted city

Savannah has professed to be the most haunted city in North America. This is argued though within some regions, such as New England. The city of Savannah though is at least in contention. Traveling this city is a history enthusiasts daydream. Walk the avenues and you’ll find why the past is never really gone.

With Ghosts&Gravestones Tours we welcome you on-aboard the Trolley of the Doomed and enter our ghostly past–


•There are a sprinkling of tunnels which were used in times long ago. The most renowned of these are underneath the Pirate House Restaurant. The establishment is thought to be oldest within the city. The mysterious underpasses were ideal for commandeering unsuspecting men for employment on pirate vessels. 

•In 1884, during a Yellow Fever outbreak the Savannah Morning News detailed the authorization from the city for the framework of an underground morgue.


…and there are further myriad of dark tales awaiting to welcome you as you journey into the depth of our city’s history.


Listen to tales of Savannah’s haunted past

Our hosts are deliriously awaiting to receive you aboard the Trolley of the Doomed!!!