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The year 1692. Bridget Bishop has just been charged with witchcraft. Led  before Judge Jonathan Hathorne, Bishop declares “I as innocent as a child born.” This assertion did not aid this maiden though, for on June 10, 1692 Bishop became the first to hang.


Hear Bridget Bishop’s testimony and render your verdict!

At ‘Cry Innocent: the people vs. Bridget Bishop’ you are the body of the jury. Be informed of authentic evidence as well as cross examination employed from the trial. Witness Bishop’s reaction and decide guilt or innocent! 

Bridget Bishop, you have been accused of consorting with the devil. 

To which Bishop replied: “I am no witch.” 

Hathorne: “Why if you not wrote in the book yet tell me how far you have gone. Have you not to do familiar spirits?

Bishop: I have no familiarity with the devil.


–Listen to more of Bishop’s confirmations and the evidence against her:

•Poppets, handmade dolls fabricated from rags and bristles were found in the interiors of Bishops’ house

•A witch teat uncovered upon Bishops’ body

•Sworn statements, such as the suspect's spirit departing and proceeding to afflict her victims

… and upon passing to the whereabouts of execution a plank from the meeting house, tore loose when Bishop gazed upon it.


Journey with us to Salem,1692 where no one is beyond reproach!

The Witch City, a village where in 1692 had been on the brink of destruction. Five teenage maidens ushered in a time where intolerance ran amok. Neighbor against neighbors., families vs. families; no one was protected. In this atmosphere, 19 people were hanged, one pressed to death and countless others imprisoned.


But…this small hamlet on the North Shore had been proclaimed “a shining city upon a hill” with it founding. The name means ‘Peace’ and it seemed so until the persecution of innocents happened. A mecca of commerce to the Far East and beyond symbolized Salem in its early years. ‘The Friendship’ a replica of a 1797 ship which made 15 voyages is tethered at Salem National Historic Park. Sold at auction in 1813 after the British seized the original steamer, the Friendship whereabouts remains a mystery.


At the YouTube channel, 'ToSalem' you will discover more of the magic of this North Shore community. The channel is a heaven for anyone engrossed with the city. From the golden age of sea commercialism through its literary  offerings (think Nathaniel Hawthorn) onto today’s era as a travel destination, Salem MA is the model place to visit. If you want to become aquatinted with this city, please do stop by ToSalem. It will afford you with a great understanding of a region that is so much more than witches.


Highly Recommended!!!

Cape Cod, the epicenter of the Prohibition Era

Throughout 1923-1933 it became unlawful to purchase high spirited drink by the public. Cape Cod grew into the east coast center for these unauthorized bootleggers. Numerous stories circumvent the outer Cape–from Orleans to Provincetown. The arrested were jettison to Constable Henry Perry’s house, located in the town of Orleans. Perry placed the nefarious in his spare bedroom until their transport to Boston. Placing  mental bars on the windows of the household, it had become a logical location for the temporary jail.


Welcome to the Old Jailhouse Tavern

You will have a good high-minded dining experience at the Old Jailhouse Tavern, Orleans MA. The menu present an exemplary fare of traditional, classic and seafood entrees. The bar and grill is situated on the real estate where prohibition era criminals had been locked-up till their transport to Boston.


We can find confirmation of these stories through a research survey done at the National Archives in Washington, DC. These narratives include factual accounts of  bootlegging operations throughout the Cape. Some of these narratives take into account:

•Captain Bill McCoy, a preeminent smuggler of liquor during the initial years of Prohibition. 

•The Cape Cod Canal employed as a major avenue of smuggled drink from Canada.

•Bootleggers utilized the town of Provincetown as their center of operation

•Cape Cod fishermen were repeatedly  employed as illegal smugglers

•…and many more!


Discover Henry Perry, constable of Orleans MA

So…come and rest at the Old Jailhouse Tavern to discover more about Henry Perry and the age of Prohibition. 

The Old Jailhouse Tavern is located at 28 West Road on Cape Cod, MA. (508) 255–JAIL