I love history; the subject to me is as important as the air we breath. “Those who do not remember history are condemned to relive it.”


Join me on my exciting journey as I attempt to enter the world of travel blogging/photography. I would like to design materials for historical organizations to help them bring attention to their cause. My interests are primarily in the colonial and pre-colonial era, the Civil War and Savannah GA.  


As a child my parents took us to historical destinations and this is where my love for history began. Then, in high school my enjoyment of the subject started to flourish. My dream had been to work for a museum but as life happened this did not materialized. But, my fancy is still lies in the historical arena. I believe history is a subject whereby its students can be transported to another time and utilize their creativity. 


This leads me to the other passion in my life. The American Theatre. “Theatre is the thinking person’s medium.” When a drama is done right it can transform you and society. Three of the greatest musical of our time are Wicked, Les Miserable and The Phantom of the Opera. Each one, if contemplated upon will “change you for good.” (Side note: when the Phantom first opened the lead received boos and hisses during the shows curtain call. Now, over 20 year later  the Phantom gets standing ovations.)

You say you love history and the theatre. How do you plan to convey that love in your work?


I think that history is an important field of study; it is the most interesting and let say imaginative field there is. As stated in the introductory quote we must remember history so as not to relive it. If I am hire by you I will bring that enthusiasm for your cause. (See above for the reason that theatre is so important to me)


How I work 

Initial Contact

The best way to contact me during our project is by E-mail. Due to family obligations I am unable to travel any location at present. After touching base I will forward a written questionnaire to you; returning it  will not obligate you or your organization to any fees.


After reviewing the feedback, usually within 7 days and researching any further information you may provide–I will send it back to you (also via E-mail). If your institution’s legal team has its own agreement, we can use that.



Getting Started

The Agreement that will be forward to you will contain all the specifics on exactly what I will deliver, including deadline(s). It will also list your investments and the terms of payment. (I will request 25% of the projects total to begin.) 


Once we have both agreed on the terms, I will begin working on the project.

Payment will be made by check.


Research the Project

I will begin with an overview of  any material provided. I will then do some research on your competitors (by checking their website). 

Be confident I will quickly and effectively learn and understand your wants, needs and hopes.


Please advise, via E-mail how often you’d like to communicate Please let me know the name of the contact (at your organization) whom will be directly responsible for this project. This person will be able to give finally approval for said material.


Review and First Draft 

Typically, you will receive the first draft of the agreement within 10–14 business days, depending on the size and scope of the project. When you get the initial copy, please review with members of your organization team. (The most important part at this stage is making sure the tone, message and offer are right.)  



Please note and forward any needed revisions 


Final Approval

Once all revisions are made, I will submit a final draft to you. At this point, if you approve the copy, send it back to me via E-mail stating everything is ready for distribution. 


What others are saying

This section will contains statements I recall other’s have said about me. (It have not included names of those individuals because I simply can not remember their name; but they were/are friends)

… You, are a good writer; …You are the only person I can talk too because you know what going-on; …I don’t usually talk politics with anyone, but with you I know you will listen without judging.




Sales Associate

Home Depot Inc., Clifton NJ


Studied American History

Bloomfield College


Studied at American Writers&Artists, Inc


The Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia PA

Salem (MA) Chamber of Commerce 

New England Museum Association

National Trust for Historical Preservation 



The Society of the Little Flower


Fees and Investment

–Blog Posts


–Photography Services

Photographs [$200/image]

Photoshoots [please contact for information]

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