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The House of Jonathan Corwin


The chief magistrate during the Salem Witch Hysteria (1692)


In 1675 the youthful Mr Corwin espoused Elizabeth Sheaf[e] Gibbs. Collectively they acquired their home at 3101/2 Essex Street. Elizabeth would conceived three time, giving birth to Elizabeth Jr. (1678), Sarah (1680) and George (1683). The three offsprings joined their mother’s two, perhaps three other children from an earlier marriage. 


Little did they realize their exemplary life within the Salem Community would be torn apart in 22 years! in the spring of1692, gossip of witches began to appear.

Two adolescent maidens within the Samuel Parris' household started to foretell their future. Throughout this era of Puritan rule these fortune telling acts were perceived as associating with the devil himself. Soon, taking part with Betty (the Reverend Parris’ daughter) and her cousin, Abigail were Ann Putnam and Elizabeth Hubbard; ages ranged form 9 to 17. Rebuked for “breaking an egg white into a class of water,” their behavior quickly transposed into terror with an image of a coffin emerging.


Tituba, an african slave from Barbados escorted  the girls in their fortune telling journey. Employed in the family's household she soon became the first to be accused. In order to protect her own life, she soon began naming others.


If these walls could only speak! 

Journey through time, back to an age of Puritan intolerance, a situation which quickly spun out of their control. The end result, as everyone is aware were 19 hanged, 1 pressed to death (including two dogs) while countless lingered in jail.


The offer: We are requesting a donation of $100 or more to the Witch House. As the oldest building with a connection to 1692 we depend on money received from the community to support our efforts. The home of the chief law enforcement officer during an era of historical importance is a paramount reminder of what happens when a community turns on itself.  For your contribution you will receive “Salem’s Witch House: a touchstone of antiquity” by John Goff and a year's free admittance to the house!


Once again, the Witch House is a consequential reminder of the 1692 witch hysteria. The events saw countless lives disrupted and took 20 lives. When two component of Samuel Parris household began delving into the occult, the rumors of witchcraft began to fly within the community. Neighbor against neighbor, family vs. family, town vs.village! 


P.S. If you donate between now and July 7, 2020 you will also receive a free gift. Your donation of $100 or more is greatly welcome. Thank you. 

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