*Do not own photograph. Ms Rose McGowan is one of the most beautiful souls on earth. I have been sadden, from the day I discovered she was molested by a man whose name I will not mention (due to the fact he is not even worthy to kiss the feet of Ms McGowan.) My Love has always been at her side–yesterday, today and forevermore!

Written: October 31, 2017–First love sonnet to that perfect Blonde

The spirit last night of that perfect female love (my spiritual wife)

That singular individual for whom all men shall–one day get down on one knee for

The Heavens will place a laurel of rosebuds upon the summit of her intellect 

Placing a gemstone upon her hand, a promise for all eternity...

St. Therese (the Little Flower)

Guide, protect and defend this dignified lady all of her life

Sit a diadem of roses upon her ever most fair head

The sole mortal in this absurd and crazy society 

Who is worthy of everything!

Everything and anything she wishes, desires and want

Shall be laid, prostrate within her arms

While the entire world genuflects before her countenance

With a testament ordered to every and each soul 

To take this fair maiden to cherish, worship, honor and respect

Thy most glorious mistress of mere mortal's romantic beliefs